Looking ahead: Reflection on 2020 for a way forward

Thursday 10th December, 2020 - 8am PT/11am EST/4pm GMT

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Rhiannon Lambert

Jack Green

Dr. Ysabel Gerrard

James Middleton

Kaitlyn Noble

Also featuring: Neil King 

President, LifeWorks & EVP, Morneau Shepell

About the End of Year session: 

As we reflect on 2020, it’s fair to say that the year has not been what we expected. Our speakers came with their key tips for building our own healthy wellbeing strategies. But with the unprecedented events of the year, we’ve asked them to come back and share their opinions on how we can use what we've learned and experienced this year to get back into positive healthy routines in 2021.

We’re honoured to welcome back
Rhiannon Lambert – Registered Nutritionist, Jack Green – Team GB Olympian, Dr. Ysabel Gerrard - digital and social media expert, James Middleton – Health and Wellbeing coach and Kaitlyn Noble – Health Coach and Personal Trainer. LifeWorks President, Neil King also joins to introduce the segment. We look forward to welcoming you to a real positive end of year session that will hopefully encourage you to take some healthy habits in to 2021!

James Middleton

www.james-middleton.co.uk | @james.middleton_

James Middleton is a renowned health & lifestyle coach, sharing his expertise on all things fitness, food, and wellbeing with his ever expanding social following. Having started his career as a professional rugby player, James branched out into the wider fitness world with his profile now straddling both traditional and digital media.

Rhiannon Lambert

www.rhitrition.com | @rhitrition

Rhiannon Lambert is one of the UK’s leading Registered Nutritionists (RNutr). Founder of private clinic Rhitrition in London’s Harley Street and host of the Food For Thought equipping listeners with all the evidence-based advice you need to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. Rhiannon is also the bestselling author of Re-Nourish: A Simple Way To Eat Well. 

About the speakers

Jack Green


Jack Green is a double Olympian representing Great Britain in the 400m hurdles and 4x400m relay. He has won medals at the World and European championships as well as finishing fourth at the Olympic and Commonwealth games. During his athletic career, Jack struggled with depression and anxiety. Jack has a reputation for his brutal honesty regarding his mental health and the ability to create an honest and open environment to help others share their own experiences.

Dr. Ysabel Gerrard

www.ysabelgerrard.com | @dr.ysabel.gerrard

Dr. Ysabel Gerrard is a Lecturer in Digital Media and Society at the University of Sheffield and a former Intern at Microsoft Research New England. Ysabel researches social media content moderation and her peer-reviewed work has been featured in venues like BBC News, The Guardian and The Washington Post, and she has also written for WIRED and VICE.

Neil King

Neil King is President, LifeWorks and Executive Vice President, Morneau Shepell. His portfolio includes the overall management of LifeWorks employee and family assistance program and wellbeing business globally. Neil helped lead the Company to become one of the largest employee assistance program providers in the world and to significantly increase customer satisfaction. He is active in the community and within Morneau Shepell where, for the last nine years, he has been a key contributor to the Company’s Kakuma initiative to build a technology centre and a high school for girls in a refugee camp in northern Kenya.

Kaitlyn Noble

www.pinchofkate.com | @pinchofkate

Kaitlyn Noble is a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and health coach. Her programs help people identify positive habits they can build into their lives to create sustainable changes to their health.
Her Philosophy: "Living a healthy life does not need to be complicated, expensive, or extreme." While this is her approach to all things involving healthy living (like diet and exercise), she also helps clients to form better self-care habits.

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