Mental Health Care Pathways: 

How to make much better use of what you've got

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The responsibility for identifying and sourcing the most appropriate help for employees – whether for anxiety, stress or depression - shouldn’t rest with your line managers or mental health first aiders alone. Neither should your EAP be seen as a fix-all solution

In this webinar, we bring together some of our expert partners LifeWorks, Mental Health at Work and Best Doctors to help you ensure the right help, every time.

Learn how to make much better use of all the mental health services already at your disposal, providing the foundation for an organisational culture of positive mental health.

Understand what each of your care pathway providers does, including a new mental health diagnostic service launching 1st October.

Discover how these services complement each other for the benefit of all your employees and their dependants, not just your insured population, thereby improving engagement and productivity, whilst reducing claims.

Find out how, through better targeting of solutions, you can help improve mental health outcomes.

About this webinar:

Tuesday 1st October 2019 - 12:30-1-15

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