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Are We Doing Enough for Employees?
A Look At Wellness Benefits

You invest so much into developing an awesome benefits package that is aimed at helping your employees manage their health and well-being. However, even after promoting the benefits, nobody uses them.

Our newest survey found two major issues: Employees don’t know what wellness benefits they have access to, and they don’t understand how to use their wellness benefits.

The survey also looked at trends in wellness benefits and wanted to determine if employers are actually making improvements in employee well-being.

We asked 500 hiring professionals and employers to share what wellness benefits they offer, the success of their wellness initiatives, how their employees respond to them, how they promote wellness, and much more.

Our latest whitepaper, Are We Doing Enough for Employees? A Look At Wellness Benefits, presents research from this survey and offers tips and strategies on how you can actually improve employee well-being.

Learn where your wellness initiatives fall short and how to drive real results
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  • What wellness benefits are popular with employees
  • How employers determine the success of their wellness initiatives
  • The biggest obstacles preventing employees from using wellness benefits
  • How to build your culture around employee well-being
  • The three E’s that make up your role -- educate, engage, and encourage 

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Turning Benefits Into Real Well-Being Results

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